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When SC came in for her Comprehensive Exam, her Oral cancer screening was negative, TMJ (jaw joint) was normal, and her occlusion (the way her teeth come together) was normal.

Her gums looked good, no periodontal disease.

Other than a few fillings SC did not have a lot of dental treatment. However, she was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth.

When she was younger she had Orthodontic treatment (braces). When the brackets were removed, cavities had formed around the brackets. White tooth-colored fillings were placed to restore the teeth.

Here you can see the white fillings are stained and no longer sealing well. Saliva was leaking under them. White fillings do not tend to last as long a silver fillings.


Replacing the white fillings with white fillings was an option, but after discussionSC chose to replace the broken down fillings with porcelian crowns which would last much longer than the fillings. Full porcelian is much stronger, it will not discolor, and over time it would stand the pressure of biting much better than the fillings.

We recommended whitening her lower teeth and fixing the discoloration before putting crowns on the upper teeth

This is SC’s teeth after all her treatment has been finished. She now has the whiter, brighter pretty smile she was hoping for. Notice the contouring of the new teeth, the shading and the translucency. Her smile looks beautiful, yet natural.

She was as pleased with her final results as we were. We call that success!!

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