By - March 14, 2018


Susan presented for her Comprehensive Exam. Oral Cancer, and TMJ (jaw joint) exams were negative, however she did say that her jaw occasionally popped and she occasionally experienced headaches. Those symptoms could indicate problems with her bite. While she did have a 6-7mm overbite (the lower teeth set a little too far behind her upper teeth) her bite did not seem to be the cause of the headaches and popping joint.

Susan’s biggest concern was the appearance of her teeth. She wanted pretty straight teeth. We discussed Orthodontics (braces) but she would still have to correct the color. We could whiten her teeth and replace her white fillings, but she wanted something a more certain and long term solution. After discussing her options, she chose cosmetic crowns.

We did whiten her teeth so we could match to the lowers, which were not going to be crowned.

Here we are selecting the color of her new crowns.

These are her temporary crowns, which she wore for about three weeks while her permanent ones were being constructed.

Susan with her brand-new teeth. Notice the natural look, the contours of the edges and the translucence of the crowns.

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