Northgate Dental Plan

Northgate Dental Plan

No Insurance Hassles

With Northgate Dental Plan there are no exclusions, no waiting periods, no deductibles and no claim forms.

We want to let you know that we are now offering Northgate Dental Plan to all of our current and new patients who do not have dental insurance or are looking to change plans. The cost is only $399.00 for an entire year, that works out to only $33.25/mo. It includes 2 regular cleanings, 2 complete dental exams, radiographs, teeth whitening with Opalescence Go. That is a $615 Value! In addition, a 20% savings on all dental procedures. There is even a 10% savings on Invisalign services!

As you can see, this represents a significant savings. Additional family members can join too, for only $379.00 each. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions about Northgate Dental Plan or if you would like to join the program.

  • Is Northgate Dental Plan and insurance plan?

    No. NDP is not an insurance plan. It’s better. Northgate Dental Plan is able to save you a significant amount of money by eliminating high monthly insurance premiums. With NDP, there is no waiting period for eligibility, no deductibles, no claim forms, and no exclusions. Pay for only the services you need. Best of all… there is no maximum on benefits and your savings are unlimited.

  • How do I know what benefits are covered?

    Regular teeth cleanings, (up to two per year) $226 Value!
    Complete dental exams, (up to two per year) $122 Value!
    Radiographs once per year, $198 Value!
    Teeth whitening with Opalescence Go, $69 Value!
    20% savings on dental procedures, Unlimited Value!
    10% savings on Invisalign, $580 Value!

    Click here for detailed explanation of benefits

  • How do I sign up?

    It’s easy! Just call or stop by our office to enroll. If you’re already coming in for an appointment, let us know if you would like to become a member and start saving!

  • Who is eligible?

    Everyone is eligible: singles, families, and children. You, your spouse, and your children can join Northgate Dental Plan saving thousands of dollars. If you have a friend that might benefit from Northgate Dental Plan share this offer!

  • Is Northgate Dental Plan available to businesses?

    Absolutely. In fact, employers can save thousands each year on health care costs by taking advantage of NDP benefits. Northgate Dental Plan eliminates hassles and high administrative costs saving companies money.

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