How Biological Dentistry Differs from Conventional Dental Practice

 September 12, 2023

When you look at conventional and biological dentistry, the differences are clear. Biological dentistry, also known as holistic dentistry, takes a much more holistic approach to caring for your teeth and gums. Unlike conventional dentistry, which focuses mainly on just drilling, filling, or replacing teeth, biological dentists focus on getting to the root causes of dental problems through natural means. They look at diet, nutrition, and other lifestyle factors to help understand why a person may have cavities or gum disease, and make changes to strengthen teeth.

The Core Principles of Biological Dentistry

Biological Dentistry, also known as Holistic Dentistry, is a dental practice that takes into consideration the overall health and well-being of the patient, not just their oral health. The core principles of Biological Dentistry revolve around using biocompatible materials and avoiding toxins and heavy metals that may harm the body.

One of the key principles of Biological Dentistry is an emphasis on disease prevention and minimally invasive treatments. Instead of just treating the symptoms, Biological Dentistry focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of oral health issues. This approach allows for more effective and long-lasting results.

Another principle of Biological Dentistry is the consideration of dietary factors and nutrition. This recognizes that the foods we consume can have a significant impact on our oral and overall health. Biological Dentists may provide guidance on healthy eating habits and recommend nutritional supplements to support oral health.

Furthermore, Biological Dentistry emphasizes tailoring treatments to the patient’s unique health status. Each patient is treated as an individual with their own specific needs and concerns. This personalized approach ensures that the treatment plan is effective and safe for the patient.

Lastly, Biological Dentistry embraces the use of the latest technology and alternative techniques. By staying up to date with advancements in dentistry, Biological Dentists can provide their patients with innovative and more comfortable treatment options.

Areas Biological Dentistry Can Benefit

Biological Dentistry offers several benefits in comparison to conventional dental practice. One major area where Biological Dentistry excels is in reducing exposure to dental toxins like mercury fillings.

Additionally, Biological Dentistry focuses on treatment planning that is aligned with the goals and needs of the patient, considering not only oral health but also overall health. This approach also addresses underlying issues related to oral health, such as diet.

Furthermore, Biological Dentistry provides alternative options for patients who are sensitive to traditional dental methods, utilizing techniques like ozone therapy, biomimetics, and laser dentistry.


In summary, the core principles of Biological Dentistry revolve around using biocompatible materials, preventing diseases, considering dietary factors, tailoring treatments to the patient, and embracing the latest technology. This approach sets Biological Dentistry apart from conventional dental practices and allows for a more holistic approach to oral health.

One of the key differences between biological dentistry and conventional dentistry is the recognition that oral health issues can stem from factors beyond just dental hygiene. Biological dentists take into account the individual’s overall health, lifestyle, and even emotional well-being when creating a treatment plan. This patient-centered approach allows for a more personalized and comprehensive approach to dental care.

By exploring the field of biological dentistry, individuals can take control of their oral health in a way that aligns with their overall well-being. It provides a unique opportunity to address dental issues with an emphasis on prevention, natural treatments, and the use of biocompatible materials. With a holistic dentist by their side, patients can rest assured that their oral health is being approached in a manner that supports their overall health.

So, if you are looking for a dental practice that considers the whole person, not just their teeth, consider Northgate Dental. They will take the time to help you achieve optimal oral health while considering your overall well-being. Your smile and your body will thank you for it.

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