By - March 15, 2018

J came to us wanting all of her teeth extracted.  She stated she wanted full dentures.  She was not interested in dental implants at this time.  We advised her we could go ahead and move forward with the full standard dentures, and if she later decided, she could have implant/fixed dentures we would be able to adjust her standard dentures to accommadate that change.

This xray shows J had several missing teeth.  The teeth she still had present were very loose due to severe Periodontal Disease.  She had extensive decay and infection on all of her teeth.  We agreed that standard or implant/fixed dentures would be the best treatment option for J.

Here is her xray after we removed all of her teeth.  We fitted her with temporary dentures the same day of the extractions so she would have teeth while her tissues heal from the extractions.

J came in for final adjustments on her temporary dentures.  We want to be sure the patient will be happy with their final dentures.  Here you can see where her midline is too far to the left by 2-3mm.  We also felt too much of her lower teeth were showing.  We decided to close her verticle dimension by about 3mm.  J asked if we could rotate her lateral teeth (the ones on either side of her two front teeth) towards the back a little.  She also wanted her canine teeth to be more pointed.  She wanted her final dentures to look as much like her natural teeth as possible.  She did want her finals to be lighter as well.

Here J came in for her final adjustment before getting her final dentures.  She was very happy with how the lateral teeth were rotated and she was very happy with the look of the canine teeth as well.

Here is J with her final dentures. We were very pleased with how her case turned out.  She was very pleased with the end result and that is the most important thing!

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