Chrissie | Smile Makeover | Surgery Pictures

See below for detailed photos and a look at Chrissie’s complete reconstruction process.


  • We have taken out all the old fillings and removed old crowns and the decay in her upper teeth.  They are prepared them for the crowns    We still have the lowers to finish.  She is sedated and comfortable at this time.
  • Here we are beginning the tissue recontouring and crown lengthening. Her gums were tender for a few days, but she healed very quickly.

    You can already see the difference between the length of the teeth as they were originally and the length as the surgery progresses. Uppers and lowers are prepped.

  • All her teeth are prepared. We are five or six hours into the appointment at this time. Now we begin tissue recontouring and the crown lengthening process. She is ready for temporary crowns to be inserted.